About Us

About us pages fill a number of roles for businesses, including traditional and search-engine marketing, relationship building with customers and describing who runs a business and what it does. For ecommerce store owners, an about us page is a powerful differentiator that helps stores stand out from their competitors.

The exact contents of an about us page differ from business to business. The style used to assemble the page also changes based on the brand positioning, overall attitude, clientele and even the personality of the owner. These specifics have to reflect other branding and marketing efforts used by an ecommerce store owner for consistency's sake. Referencing these materials when creating an about us page makes the process easier.

No matter the personality of a store or its owner, or the type of merchandise being sold, there are some best practices that go into building an about us page.

Use a photo
A photograph engages visitors to an about us page in a way that text cannot. Ecommerce store owners have plenty of options when it comes to photos, whether it's of the owner working on something related to the store, a product showcase photo, a combination of these elements or something else entirely that fits into the store's brand. In much the same way, a video can also be used to connect with customers on the page.

Engage the audience
The about us page is another place where an ecommerce store owner can sell potential customers on both the idea or brand of the business as well as specific products. An interesting about us page helps to personalize a store and makes it stand out amongst other competitors. Store owners should be welcoming and inviting with the language used to write the page. Highlighting interesting parts of personal background as well as discussing what makes the products offered unique or of a high quality is important as well. As long as it fits into the store's brand identity, a humorous about us page is another engaging approach.

Take the SEO opportunity
While search-engine optimization isn't the only motivating factor for an about us page, the page presents an opportunity to include common search keywords among the other content. Using your key terms and linking to a few product pages in an about us section provides a small boost for ecommerce store owners and takes only minutes to complete.